Aujourd'hui est le jour des escargots et des grenouilles!

Translation of the sentence above: Today is the day for the snails and frogs!
It rains alot here! Thomas is the clever person who said this, I love that I can understand more know of what he says because he says many clever and funny things!
Yesterday many realtives to the family came here. The childrens aunt and her new borned baby, their cousin and his mother, and soon it will arrive more people. For example three guy, who I think are 12, 14 and 17.
Nice nice.
Yesterday me, the three children, their dad and their cousin, who I think is 16 years old, went for a walk in the mountains. It was a really beautiful vieeeeeeew from there!! Wonderful. I took some photos but with my mobile phone, so the pictures are not so very good.. But anyway, I will upload them later when the other computer works.
Things are more easier now, I feel more confortable in the family and I speak better french.
But french is a really difficult language and many things make no sence! It's really diffrent from swedish and english. Swedish and english is really much the same, the gramma and everything, but french is totally diffrent. ça m'énerve!(it's a really popular song here, it's always stuck in my head).

This sunday me, the 10 year old girl, her mother and my new friend was skating!
Oh it was awsome. Except from that your feet hurts really much after, it was heaven. I apperently miss skating. Usually I think it's pretty booring and that it sucks, but not this time. I loved the speed! Mmmmm! I got adrenaline kicks!
I could have continued skating for a long long time but my feet said NO! I have to except my feets wish.
Ofcourse, we were skating inside beacuse it's not enough cold here. And they had music and lights and smoke!! It was like a disco but everyone was skating instead of dansing! Oh, I've only seen this at the tv, at home we always skate outside at the lakes(which is also very nice).
This was new and loved it.
It's awsome to have painting skills! The kids love it. I've been paint many many many paintings and later the kids are coloring them. It's fun, beacuse, yeah, I love to paint.
/Hej så länge!

Postat av: linneaärbäst

visst är skating skridskor? jag åka det på jympan, allt jag lärde mig när jag var mindre var som borta. jag kunde knappt stå på skridskorna och jag åkte mest längs rinken, mamma skämdes över mig när jag berättade det för henne hahahaha!

btw, vad hette pöjkarna? ;) mehehe

2010-12-22 @ 19:05:22

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