Je voudrais un gros pain, s'il vous plaît.

I've just come back from my first missions of the day. I went to the dance with the middle girl and after I bought bread, for the first time by my own. My mother wanted me to write about how it went, hehe. So, here it goes. went good! (exept that I now realised that I didn't said "s'il vous plaît"... Well well, the woman in the shop know that I'm a newbie:P)
I bought "gros pain", in english 'big bread'. You people in sweden would call it a fat baguette but I will tell you that everything that we swedish people thought was baguette is not! A baguette is a bread that has a special weight, but I don't remember what that weight was.. heh.
Oh, yeah.
This morning, when I ate breakfast, the five year old boy said godmorning to me, or he said "Annaaaaaa!" and smiled at me. (That's me; Anna.)
So I'm making progress! He was happy to see me^^ hehihi.
A tout à l'heure!

Postat av: Linnea

2010-12-17 @ 20:14:34
Postat av: linnea

men röv

2010-12-17 @ 20:14:48
Postat av: Linnea

HAHAH vadå apropå ketchup? xD ja jag har faktiskt redan hört den och den är as bra :D tog med den på en av mina fest skivor jag brände förut, men... jag råkade bara få med instrumentalet och inga som sjunger... useless :(

2010-12-17 @ 20:16:44
Postat av: Linnea

haha jahaaaa. men usch och fy för mig, hur kunde jag säga något sånt fult ord? :O


2010-12-18 @ 13:56:13

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