The first picture is of me and a kiss mark that the oldest girl made at me^^

Some pictures of the awsome "patinoire", as they say here in france. And the other picture is of the river in Aniane, but it was more water in it last night, because it was raining then..alot.

The view from the mountain, were I was with the kids, their father and one of their cousins two days ago.
Well yeah, I took all photos with my mobilephone..

Postat av: Lolinononea

oj mycket regn :O jag kollade på dom nu :) eller bara på han quentin, dom andra fanns ej eller gick ej att kolla på bilder. Förresten hörde av pappa att vi skulle skypa eller något liknande imorgon 20.00 funfunfun :D hörs då, GOD JUUUL! ^^

2010-12-23 @ 17:07:48
Postat av: jenny

miss your updates, well i miss you too.. can we talk soon?

2011-01-06 @ 17:03:45
Postat av: Sannie

you have really great blog! :)

2011-01-10 @ 12:35:06

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