Nutella crêpes

Today I only had one french lesson so me and my Bali-friend Didin (maby,..I always forget his name!) went for a walk in Montpellier. We bought Crêpes with nutella (reallyyyy popular here!!) and after a while we met a woman who also take french lessons with us. So she came with us and we went shopping at the winter market for two hours. I bought presents for my family(hehehhe;), "rökelse" and some more food to eat(baguette).
The women who joined us is a mother of two kids, she's married and is 36 years old. My Bali friend is 40.. Im like a kid for them! But I think it feels like they are in my age^^ Maby im pretty mature. Höhö. but humm, sometimes I maby can act a little like a child. For example, I want run around and see everything and toutch everything.. hm.
Anyway, the spanish lady said thank you to me when we seperated, she said "merci beaucoup". I think I made her happy when I run after her and asked if she wanted to join me and Didin. I thought, ofcourse we have to ask her. If I was her I would love to be with people that I barly can comunicate with than being alone!:)
And we had fun:) It was fun to try to comunicate in fr-eng-nish.

Well now Im going to sleep, or first I'll watch a movie called "le petit Nicolas", it's a french childmovie. It seems funny.


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