The sky is full of stars.

This is the door of a house next to me. I really like the house, it's really beautiful.
And it's a beautiful night tonight. The sky is full of stars.

Today I drove alone for the first time!!!! Oooooh, I've missed driving alone. I love it!
I drove to Gignac, the town next door. From Gignac, I took the bus to Montpellier.
First time in Montpellier by me self! AAAAND ofcourse, I got lost! For a whole hour. (I got of by accident at the wrong trum station, but I didn't realise it until 30 min later. But I was also stupid enough to go on a "discover unknown big forest" adventure. Well,.. I asked two ladies for direction, and thank gooood they spoke english. And, thank god, I arrived ten minuits before my french lesson started, so I didn't miss it!)
A funny thing is that we learnt at the french lesson how to ask for directions if you get lost x) Haha!

I can't speak any languages good anymore, I always have to search for words in french (ofcourse) and in english, AND in swedish! I have spoken in swedish two times this week with a guy from Denmark^^ it's pretty fun! He speaks in danish and I in swedish.

Tomorrow I will go to a lotto game^^ hihi, I think it will be fun! But here they don't scream BINGO, they just scream, haha.
"Oh, I think someone has bingo.."
..or thats what I've been told.

I listen to this song very often.
I whant to discover french music and this singer is one of Anne's(the mother) favorite.



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