Vivre à Aniane

Yesterday I had my first two french lessons, in Montpellier!
It was fun! I met alot of people in my age and I can't wait to meet them again!
I will also have a french lesson tomorrow at 14.00. :)
To go to Montpellier is pretty difficult, first I have to drive to the neighbor village Gignac (tomorrow will be the first time I drive in France!,.. if the Anne, the mother, wont drive me there) and take a bus from there to Montpellier. When I arrive in Montpellier I have to take the thrum(electric "busses", here we call them thrum) to the lesson.
It's pretty hard to remember everything and if I forget something it will be hard to ask someone for direction because almost no one speak english!:p
But I will handle it. I can't be to difficult!

Today me and the oldest daughter of the family, went to a place called Vivre à Aniane. The people there are very nice and creative. The women there began to teach us how to weave a carpet. We will go there every wednesday, it will be fun!
The people in Vivre à Aniane are quite old, they remind me of "Mumindalen" caracters. One look like "Snusmumriken", one like Toticki and one other looked like the red haired witch!^^
They also had a open fire in the "house", and goats in the garden.
Really nice place!

I really have to learn how to speak good french (yes I know, I've only been here for one week, I can't expect to much of me).
Sometimes, or quite often, I feel like a baby, standing beside it's dad, being quite and just waiting to leave.
Or a retarded kid that everyone have to explaine everything three times too, or someone who no one dare to speak with, because im from another planet.
But François told me that people in this city know who I am, everyone speaks about the swedish au pair girl that have just arrived in Aniane! He told me that in a couple of months I will have a lot of friends, maby too many friends(Haha! I would like that) beacause everybody whants to know me, because im from a totally diffrent place. Im from above, from the land where people have blue eyes and blond hair!:o

I have a little bit problem to make friends with the youngest member of the family, the five year old boy.
He is difficult. He don't wanna play with me or speak to me because we can't understand each other. It makes me sad, erytime I have to be with him im in a bad mood. I get sad, beacuse it feels like that he don't whant me to be here..
BUT today, when we were waiting for the crêpes to be done, me, he and the youngest girl played and had a lot of fun together!!! He really whanted to play with me, have fun, he was really happy! And he spoke with me! I hope he stays like this!:D
It made me happy!
The other two childern, the two girls, we are really good friend:)

It's hard to move to another country and start living in a totally diffrent culture. Yes maby you think, France isn't that diffrent from Sweden, but I think it is. People act diffrent, and the whole country thinks diffrent.
The childcare is diffrent, they don't raise their children in the way im used to.
Soemtimes if feels like that they are thinking "she doesn't do much, she is too quite, why isn't she acting like us?" But this 'au pair thing' is harder for me than for them. They have everything here but I only got myself, I have to find a new way of living at that doesn't 'plopp up' from nowhere.
But I hope I will adapt soon. I think soo. I just need time.

bonne nuit!

Postat av: Y@nn

Hej Hanna,

I was checking out the Nannyaupairworld forum & by any chance came across your posts, there I found out your interesting diaryblog.

I experienced similar situation when I lived abroad (Finland), I wasn't really a boy aupair but I was taking care of kids, teens and elderly people. Everything seemed too different from where I am from, sometimes I was kind of desperate and wanted to come back to France straight away...

It's true that the way how parents raise their children is way different than in Sweden (been there 4 times), neither do I like "the absolute authority towards kids" but in a way it's good for them. Especially when they will grow up as adults.

Keep in mind that you live in a village so people may be a bit conservative when it comes to talk with strangers no matter you're Swedish or French. And I assume young people of 18/25 years old live in biggest towns or Montpellier (what a charming town by the way). I'm pretty convince you'll make many friends in a couple of months. How long are you going to stay in beautiful France?

Do some travelling, you will be amazed how diverse France is, from a region to another. Different mentality, different habits, different customs (in Brittany or Alsace for instance). If you want to fit into a local population - then go to Alsace or Nord Pas de Calais, both regions are in the Nord and Nord East. The biggest amount of blond people in France and many youngsters eager to get to know foreigners.

Cheers and have a nice day, it's sunny out there in Paris. ;)

2011-02-07 @ 14:29:00

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