Yesterday I met young people in "my age" (they were a bit younger, about 13 to 18) AND I danced Modern dancing (I've missed dancing<3) ^^ UNDERBART!  and today we were at a market in Gignac and a random guy(in my age) said "madame" too me. meheheeh, soon I can start a conversation with them!;D 
AND three girls from the dance said "bonjour" to me at the market today. (y) ^^
...I have to learn how to have a real conversation with regular people, in french, I don't think they whant to speak about brushing their teeth and go to bed. 

Today me, the parents and the oldest daughter had a little French/English/Swedish lesson.
We wrote words in french, english and swedish on a white board, and I tried to learn the french words and they the swedish words. I discovered today that swedish is a very very difficult language and many spellings make no sence! Haha. ^^
It was fun!

Tomorrow I can sleep how many hours I whant!! Wonderful!
bonne nuit!

(btw, the pictures I promised.. I can't publish them with this computer because it's really old and turns it self off if I try to put the memorycard in it. Maby I can use their other computer, it's new and fresh, but also an Apple and they are a bit strange for me. But someday! next week perhaps I can show you the pictures!)


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