Coca colaaa

I have a strange smell in my noise.. A smell of the swedish food 'Palt', Oh glorious palt.

Anyway. Today I have embaressed myself a couple of times.
The worst time was at a bagel shop. I thought that my friend walked through the door, (I was looking down in my bag), and I said "Oooooooooooooouuuh, look what I got!! A......tiny tiny *picks it up*Coca Colaaaa!!!" and i had a big twisted smile in my face.
The unknown guy looked strange at me..
Me: "......
ehhe, I thought you were my friend... WEEEEALL, now you know, I have a tiny Cola in my bag! hihi.."

But it was fuuuuuun.

I also feel that my progressing in french exist! I can hold a real conversation, its the talking about the futher and the past that is damn hard! The gramma with other words.. but I guess thats not strange;)

Im going to sleep now, but I have some pictures I wanna show^^ For example the most beautiful fruit in the whole wide world!!! The dad brought it home from his latest flight(he's a pilot);)
But like I said, I have to sleep.. so tomorrow perhaps you can see them.

Bonne nuit!

Postat av: Nic

Il faut lutter, tu deviendras super.

2011-03-29 @ 18:13:15

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