The first picture is of me and a kiss mark that the oldest girl made at me^^

Some pictures of the awsome "patinoire", as they say here in france. And the other picture is of the river in Aniane, but it was more water in it last night, because it was raining then..alot.

The view from the mountain, were I was with the kids, their father and one of their cousins two days ago.
Well yeah, I took all photos with my mobilephone..

Rain and rain

I have just baked cookies with the oldest girl.
It smells good.
I've met almost all the relatives of my au pair family this week. It's pretty nice. I really have to speak french because they sucks at english, and it's fun to learn BUT HARD ofcourse! But I hate when the boys are talking about me, in french really fast, and I don't understand anything! Those bastards..
Yesterday me and the two oldest boys, who are both 17, went for a walk in the rain. We become really wet. We took a walk in the river, yes that's right, in the river.
Unfortunately do they not live close to me. One of them live close to alperna and the other one outside Paris.
Soon I will paint my nails together with the girls.
After that we will go and meet the rest of their relatives, like all other days of this week.
It's weird. Tomorrow it's christmas in Sweden and about two days here in France..

Aujourd'hui est le jour des escargots et des grenouilles!

Translation of the sentence above: Today is the day for the snails and frogs!
It rains alot here! Thomas is the clever person who said this, I love that I can understand more know of what he says because he says many clever and funny things!
Yesterday many realtives to the family came here. The childrens aunt and her new borned baby, their cousin and his mother, and soon it will arrive more people. For example three guy, who I think are 12, 14 and 17.
Nice nice.
Yesterday me, the three children, their dad and their cousin, who I think is 16 years old, went for a walk in the mountains. It was a really beautiful vieeeeeeew from there!! Wonderful. I took some photos but with my mobile phone, so the pictures are not so very good.. But anyway, I will upload them later when the other computer works.
Things are more easier now, I feel more confortable in the family and I speak better french.
But french is a really difficult language and many things make no sence! It's really diffrent from swedish and english. Swedish and english is really much the same, the gramma and everything, but french is totally diffrent. ça m'énerve!(it's a really popular song here, it's always stuck in my head).

This sunday me, the 10 year old girl, her mother and my new friend was skating!
Oh it was awsome. Except from that your feet hurts really much after, it was heaven. I apperently miss skating. Usually I think it's pretty booring and that it sucks, but not this time. I loved the speed! Mmmmm! I got adrenaline kicks!
I could have continued skating for a long long time but my feet said NO! I have to except my feets wish.
Ofcourse, we were skating inside beacuse it's not enough cold here. And they had music and lights and smoke!! It was like a disco but everyone was skating instead of dansing! Oh, I've only seen this at the tv, at home we always skate outside at the lakes(which is also very nice).
This was new and loved it.
It's awsome to have painting skills! The kids love it. I've been paint many many many paintings and later the kids are coloring them. It's fun, beacuse, yeah, I love to paint.
/Hej så länge!

The view for the moment

All cars has been moved and the ground is covered with straw. It looks like this outside of my bedroom.

Right now, in the evening, it look like this. Really beautiful, right?!:D

Here are some more pictures of Aniane. I went for a walk last weekend.

The five year old boy just came in my bedroom dressed like Lucky Luck. Wonderful!!^^ Haha!

Je voudrais un gros pain, s'il vous plaît.

I've just come back from my first missions of the day. I went to the dance with the middle girl and after I bought bread, for the first time by my own. My mother wanted me to write about how it went, hehe. So, here it goes. went good! (exept that I now realised that I didn't said "s'il vous plaît"... Well well, the woman in the shop know that I'm a newbie:P)
I bought "gros pain", in english 'big bread'. You people in sweden would call it a fat baguette but I will tell you that everything that we swedish people thought was baguette is not! A baguette is a bread that has a special weight, but I don't remember what that weight was.. heh.
Oh, yeah.
This morning, when I ate breakfast, the five year old boy said godmorning to me, or he said "Annaaaaaa!" and smiled at me. (That's me; Anna.)
So I'm making progress! He was happy to see me^^ hehihi.
A tout à l'heure!

Nutella crêpes

Today I only had one french lesson so me and my Bali-friend Didin (maby,..I always forget his name!) went for a walk in Montpellier. We bought Crêpes with nutella (reallyyyy popular here!!) and after a while we met a woman who also take french lessons with us. So she came with us and we went shopping at the winter market for two hours. I bought presents for my family(hehehhe;), "rökelse" and some more food to eat(baguette).
The women who joined us is a mother of two kids, she's married and is 36 years old. My Bali friend is 40.. Im like a kid for them! But I think it feels like they are in my age^^ Maby im pretty mature. Höhö. but humm, sometimes I maby can act a little like a child. For example, I want run around and see everything and toutch everything.. hm.
Anyway, the spanish lady said thank you to me when we seperated, she said "merci beaucoup". I think I made her happy when I run after her and asked if she wanted to join me and Didin. I thought, ofcourse we have to ask her. If I was her I would love to be with people that I barly can comunicate with than being alone!:)
And we had fun:) It was fun to try to comunicate in fr-eng-nish.

Well now Im going to sleep, or first I'll watch a movie called "le petit Nicolas", it's a french childmovie. It seems funny.

The most beautiful plate in the whole world, so far.

Tonight me and the family is invited to a dinner at one of the familys friends home. After that a friend of my (the cousin of the kids) will pick me up and I will party with him and his friends in Montpellier! First party in France! Finally.

Here are some pictures I've forgot to publish, from this week:

Bingoo!!!!! I won a half of turkey on lotto last weekend!! It was fun!
But I didn't get the turkey because they couldn't split the turkey in two..(I wasn't the only one who won).

There were a lot of people in a big room playing lotto.

Here is the middle child. We rode the "spark cyklarna" for a while along the "river" (that tiny thing with water in the middle).

Here are some pictures of some houses along the river that I like. I can't wait to see how the city looks like in the summer!

This is the most beautiful plate I've ever seen in my whole life.

I love to use it.

This is what I see when I'm sitting on the bus to and from Montpellier.

Sometimes there is a person who plays music at the trums in Montpellier.
I really love when they do that!!!
Here is a short taste of it.

Isn't it lovely!?^^ Gives you a good french feeling.

Utkast: Dec. 8, 2010

Today it's wednesday, it's the day when im alone with the kids the whole day. Young kids in France don't go to school at wednesdays.
I think things worked ouy fine. First the little boy cried because he whanted his dad to pick him up at the tennis and drive him to his music lesson, but when I arrived to pick him up he was happy to see me. And there was no problem when I drove him to the music lesson (exept that I got lost.. ehhe), or first it was but when his dad left the house he become nice again. I think that when mom and dad is around he whant them to do everything, and when they are not there he do as I whant (most of the times).

But the day is not over.
Three aclock will I take the middle girl to her tennis lesson.
I will unfortunaly not continue with my carpet at Vivre Aniane today? I can't leave the boy alone in the house for a couple of hours.. it's sad because I was looking forward to it. It feels like im in a fairytale when im there, because they are odd. In a good way! Det är mysigt där.

Yesterday, after my first french lesson, me and one friend from my 'class' went on an adventure in Montpellier.
We were seaching for a place to eat.
We found a place were there was a transvestit guy behind the disk. Hehe,  first I thought "he looks diffrent, why does he have such a strange shirt?" but it didn't took long before I realised that he was a guy, dressing like a women.
I will go there again, I liked him. He is brave to dress like that and he spoke english, which we liked!
and they had very good and fresh sallads.
(I wrote this message yesterday)

Today, I feel that I need a big hug!! Here in france everybody "kiss" each other on the "cheek". I wanna feel their body to mine, I want a HUG!
Soon I will eat, after that I'll go to Montpellier and have french lesson. I looking forward to the lessons.
Tomorrow is one of the days I don't work (Y) =relaxing daaaaay


Finally, the pictures from my camera!

I couldn't find my camera in time but the view from the plan was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
The sun rised when I rised.

My bedroom

My view when I peepee, me and my new bracelet that one of the kids gave to me(swedish flag), and some pictures of the house.
And Aniane.


The sky is full of stars.

This is the door of a house next to me. I really like the house, it's really beautiful.
And it's a beautiful night tonight. The sky is full of stars.

Today I drove alone for the first time!!!! Oooooh, I've missed driving alone. I love it!
I drove to Gignac, the town next door. From Gignac, I took the bus to Montpellier.
First time in Montpellier by me self! AAAAND ofcourse, I got lost! For a whole hour. (I got of by accident at the wrong trum station, but I didn't realise it until 30 min later. But I was also stupid enough to go on a "discover unknown big forest" adventure. Well,.. I asked two ladies for direction, and thank gooood they spoke english. And, thank god, I arrived ten minuits before my french lesson started, so I didn't miss it!)
A funny thing is that we learnt at the french lesson how to ask for directions if you get lost x) Haha!

I can't speak any languages good anymore, I always have to search for words in french (ofcourse) and in english, AND in swedish! I have spoken in swedish two times this week with a guy from Denmark^^ it's pretty fun! He speaks in danish and I in swedish.

Tomorrow I will go to a lotto game^^ hihi, I think it will be fun! But here they don't scream BINGO, they just scream, haha.
"Oh, I think someone has bingo.."
..or thats what I've been told.

I listen to this song very often.
I whant to discover french music and this singer is one of Anne's(the mother) favorite.


Some mobilephone pictures

I will try to plug in my memorycard of my camera (I have alot of pictures there) but I think the computer will die when I do that.
Anyway, it works to connect my mobilephone!
here are some picture, not so many.

The view from my bathroom:)

One of the "thrums" in Montpellier^^ Beautiful!

Here are some dark and bad pictures of my room x)

I like the room. It's small and cute, and I have my own entrance. but the room is really really COLD!

Today I've been driving for the first time in France^^ it was fun! I've missed driving!

Vivre à Aniane

Yesterday I had my first two french lessons, in Montpellier!
It was fun! I met alot of people in my age and I can't wait to meet them again!
I will also have a french lesson tomorrow at 14.00. :)
To go to Montpellier is pretty difficult, first I have to drive to the neighbor village Gignac (tomorrow will be the first time I drive in France!,.. if the Anne, the mother, wont drive me there) and take a bus from there to Montpellier. When I arrive in Montpellier I have to take the thrum(electric "busses", here we call them thrum) to the lesson.
It's pretty hard to remember everything and if I forget something it will be hard to ask someone for direction because almost no one speak english!:p
But I will handle it. I can't be to difficult!

Today me and the oldest daughter of the family, went to a place called Vivre à Aniane. The people there are very nice and creative. The women there began to teach us how to weave a carpet. We will go there every wednesday, it will be fun!
The people in Vivre à Aniane are quite old, they remind me of "Mumindalen" caracters. One look like "Snusmumriken", one like Toticki and one other looked like the red haired witch!^^
They also had a open fire in the "house", and goats in the garden.
Really nice place!

I really have to learn how to speak good french (yes I know, I've only been here for one week, I can't expect to much of me).
Sometimes, or quite often, I feel like a baby, standing beside it's dad, being quite and just waiting to leave.
Or a retarded kid that everyone have to explaine everything three times too, or someone who no one dare to speak with, because im from another planet.
But François told me that people in this city know who I am, everyone speaks about the swedish au pair girl that have just arrived in Aniane! He told me that in a couple of months I will have a lot of friends, maby too many friends(Haha! I would like that) beacause everybody whants to know me, because im from a totally diffrent place. Im from above, from the land where people have blue eyes and blond hair!:o

I have a little bit problem to make friends with the youngest member of the family, the five year old boy.
He is difficult. He don't wanna play with me or speak to me because we can't understand each other. It makes me sad, erytime I have to be with him im in a bad mood. I get sad, beacuse it feels like that he don't whant me to be here..
BUT today, when we were waiting for the crêpes to be done, me, he and the youngest girl played and had a lot of fun together!!! He really whanted to play with me, have fun, he was really happy! And he spoke with me! I hope he stays like this!:D
It made me happy!
The other two childern, the two girls, we are really good friend:)

It's hard to move to another country and start living in a totally diffrent culture. Yes maby you think, France isn't that diffrent from Sweden, but I think it is. People act diffrent, and the whole country thinks diffrent.
The childcare is diffrent, they don't raise their children in the way im used to.
Soemtimes if feels like that they are thinking "she doesn't do much, she is too quite, why isn't she acting like us?" But this 'au pair thing' is harder for me than for them. They have everything here but I only got myself, I have to find a new way of living at that doesn't 'plopp up' from nowhere.
But I hope I will adapt soon. I think soo. I just need time.

bonne nuit!

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