Sometimes it feels like im an alien. Someone that is totally diffrent, and act like if I would come from a diffrent planet. And im only in France.
Im afraid to change personality. Sure it's good to change a bit but I like the person I am. I don't wanna change, but maby I have no other choice. Sometimes it feels that I've moved to Japan or Turkey, or another totally diffrent country.
Maby im just easily effected?
Soon I will buy bread. Eat. Drive to Gignac. Take the bus to Montpellier and have a french lesson. Drive back to Aniane. Work. Scream. Sleep.

Coca colaaa

I have a strange smell in my noise.. A smell of the swedish food 'Palt', Oh glorious palt.

Anyway. Today I have embaressed myself a couple of times.
The worst time was at a bagel shop. I thought that my friend walked through the door, (I was looking down in my bag), and I said "Oooooooooooooouuuh, look what I got!! A......tiny tiny *picks it up*Coca Colaaaa!!!" and i had a big twisted smile in my face.
The unknown guy looked strange at me..
Me: "......
ehhe, I thought you were my friend... WEEEEALL, now you know, I have a tiny Cola in my bag! hihi.."

But it was fuuuuuun.

I also feel that my progressing in french exist! I can hold a real conversation, its the talking about the futher and the past that is damn hard! The gramma with other words.. but I guess thats not strange;)

Im going to sleep now, but I have some pictures I wanna show^^ For example the most beautiful fruit in the whole wide world!!! The dad brought it home from his latest flight(he's a pilot);)
But like I said, I have to sleep.. so tomorrow perhaps you can see them.

Bonne nuit!

Pyrenées 2000

My christmas was awsome. I was afraid that I would miss my family very much, but I didnt.
At the christmas week, siblings and cousins to this family came here and celebrated christmas with us. It was really nice. I really liked the cousins of the kids, they made my week. Without them I would have missed sweden.

The new year week was ok. Me and my au pair family went to pyrenéerna and went skiing.
I really love to ski! Ive missed it soo much! When I return to sweden I have to ski more often.
The weather in pyrenéerna was most of the time good. In the beginning there were people skiing in just t-shirt!
But this week was nothing more than ok. I missed my family and friends very much! It was hard, and I was always looking after the kids so I didn't had much time for myself.

At the new years eve I was alone with five kids in a hotell room. When the time was 00:00 I was alone with an eight year old girl with fever. I made her the smallest origami flower ever.
The other kids had went to their parents (who were at the restaurant eating a beautiful new years dinner), but the eight year old girl was sick so she didn't want to go to the restaurant. I understand her. 
But I thought, you can't leave a sick child alone at the new year!! So I stayed with her.

As you see, It wasnt that much snow there... Just fakesnow!
Beautiful view.

Coolingen själv da.

We went to pyrenées with another family that had two kids, he on the picture and another boy. the girl is one of the kids im taking care of, the 10 year old girl. :)
We and the girls dad mabe a snowman in the forest. We called him Nicola because he is short, just like their cousin Nicola.

Isn't he charming??;)

My meal at the new years eve. IIIITS AWSOOOME! <3
And at the picture below is my dessert. A speciality of pyrenées. Also really good!

Some cute village i saw at the way to the car, after we had took a bath in some hot pools.
The mom in the family and the two youngest kids in the left side at the picture;)

Well now is the 'new year poster' finish x) FINALLY! hehe..

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