The end of day two

(For those who don't know; I'm a swedish au pair in south of France. I arrived in France the 22 novembre 2010 and I will stay here for nine months).

I think I will write this blog in english because I don't whant to think in Swedish, because if I do that I will start speaking in Swedish without realizing that (I've already done that many times).
I speak in English with the parents, but the kids can't speak english very well (exept Margot, the oldest one, she's really good) so I'll try to speak french with them, thats really haaard! but fun!

They flight to France went good. I first flew to Barcelona (I know, it's strange, I flew pass France), and there I found the second flight easy, I just asked for the way. But in Barcelona it was really hot for going around in your winter clothes!! I was a "svett berg" as you would say in swedish.
In the airplane I sat between a very nice man, the airplane wasen't full so he asked me if I whanted him to change seat but I didn't mind to sit next to him. In Marseille he also helped me to find my bag because I was really lost and he understood that^^
After I've found my bag I found François quite quickly. We began with eating Italian pasta dinner, really good!
After that we drove to Aniane, the town I now live in.
People who have spoken with me before I went to France now that I was afraid that me and François would have a two hours long silence in the car, but we didn't!;) He is a good speaker! He told me many things about the landscapes and the cities, it was really interesting to hear.
I was smiling the whole day because everything is so beautiful here!

The town I live in, Aniane, is small, everybody knows eatch other (exept me, everyone wonder who I am, eheh), but the town have everything you need to survive. Yesterday François showed me some stores in Aniane and today we whent to the neighbor town Ganiac (I'm not sure if that's the right name) and went to the big supermarket.
In the afternoon me, François, Thomas, Margot and Jade took the bikes and whent through Aniane (I borowed a bike from François).
(Next time I will bring my camera!!!!!)
Later we went to see their hens and gave them old dirty food, they ofcourse loved it.
They also showed me a fruit called "Kaki", it's really good! They also let me taste some tiny red berries, but they said that if you eat more then five of them you have to run to the bathroom! Haha.

The house is really cosy, the walls are not flat which is really charming. The house has really thick wall (one meter) and really old. I love it! And I giggled then I saw my room, it's really nice!! And I got my own entrance!

Now I have to practice my french and later sleep (I go to bed really early, around 22-23 p.m because I'm really tired after the long day with many activities).
English is not my motherlanguage so it's not perfect;) And right now im at a french computer so I don't have swedish letters and some letter is at the wrong spot at the keyboard, so some words can be spelled really wrong:P

Bonne nuit!!

Postat av: Johanna

AAAHHH!!! wow hanna! :D

Min dator har varit kaputt och jag har inte kunnat vara ute på intrenet för att följa dina statusuppladdningar på facebook(ehe), men nu fungerar den.

Det är jättespännande att läsa vad du varit med om. Det är så häftigt. Jag längtar tills att få komma och hälsa på dig!

jag skriver ett brev till dig nu som jag ska skicka bara jag fixat fimärke.:)

funderade på, ska jag skriva på svenska eller engelska i fortsättningen?;)

Tänker på dig och hoppas att du mår bra!!


2010-11-26 @ 10:47:22

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