Rain and rain

I have just baked cookies with the oldest girl.
It smells good.
I've met almost all the relatives of my au pair family this week. It's pretty nice. I really have to speak french because they sucks at english, and it's fun to learn BUT HARD ofcourse! But I hate when the boys are talking about me, in french really fast, and I don't understand anything! Those bastards..
Yesterday me and the two oldest boys, who are both 17, went for a walk in the rain. We become really wet. We took a walk in the river, yes that's right, in the river.
Unfortunately do they not live close to me. One of them live close to alperna and the other one outside Paris.
Soon I will paint my nails together with the girls.
After that we will go and meet the rest of their relatives, like all other days of this week.
It's weird. Tomorrow it's christmas in Sweden and about two days here in France..

Postat av: Kerstin Fransson

Vad kul du verkar ha det!! Snart pratar du mer franska än jag eller gör det redan nu. det bjuder jag på! Jag har inte fattat att man kan kommentera så här förrän Linnéa sa det idag. :-) eller ;-p

2010-12-23 @ 22:48:10

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