Utkast: Dec. 8, 2010

Today it's wednesday, it's the day when im alone with the kids the whole day. Young kids in France don't go to school at wednesdays.
I think things worked ouy fine. First the little boy cried because he whanted his dad to pick him up at the tennis and drive him to his music lesson, but when I arrived to pick him up he was happy to see me. And there was no problem when I drove him to the music lesson (exept that I got lost.. ehhe), or first it was but when his dad left the house he become nice again. I think that when mom and dad is around he whant them to do everything, and when they are not there he do as I whant (most of the times).

But the day is not over.
Three aclock will I take the middle girl to her tennis lesson.
I will unfortunaly not continue with my carpet at Vivre Aniane today? I can't leave the boy alone in the house for a couple of hours.. it's sad because I was looking forward to it. It feels like im in a fairytale when im there, because they are odd. In a good way! Det är mysigt där.

Yesterday, after my first french lesson, me and one friend from my 'class' went on an adventure in Montpellier.
We were seaching for a place to eat.
We found a place were there was a transvestit guy behind the disk. Hehe,  first I thought "he looks diffrent, why does he have such a strange shirt?" but it didn't took long before I realised that he was a guy, dressing like a women.
I will go there again, I liked him. He is brave to dress like that and he spoke english, which we liked!
and they had very good and fresh sallads.
(I wrote this message yesterday)

Today, I feel that I need a big hug!! Here in france everybody "kiss" each other on the "cheek". I wanna feel their body to mine, I want a HUG!
Soon I will eat, after that I'll go to Montpellier and have french lesson. I looking forward to the lessons.
Tomorrow is one of the days I don't work (Y) =relaxing daaaaay


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Kram på dig hanna!

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